Tremblant Takeover 2019

Tremblant Takeover in a nutshell: perfectly slushy snow, tortellini and water fights in the kitchen, dance-offs with strangers in Café d’Epoque, park laps, poutine, and SO. MUCH. GLITTER. With a smaller crew than usual, we headed for the Great North with Joe, our legendary, bucket-hat-wearing bus driver and arrived ready for a full-speed weekend.

Like clockwork, we took over the dance floor at Café d’Epoque. A short span of two nights at this club--sporting our dope Hawaiian shirts made by our graphic designer, Lindsay--was filled with legendary dance battles, VIP balconies, and gravity-defying signature dance moves. The place never does us wrong, to say the least.


Sometimes, at 3 in the morning when the adrenaline from dancing all night keeps you from sleeping (or, in Char’s case, the Red Bull you drank at 11 pm), the only practical thing to do is have a water fight in the kitchen and eat the entire package of Oreos you bought for the trip in one sitting. So it happened, and so it goes.

The next day could not have been any better! We were there for the weekend of the Caribou Cup, so there were tons of people on the mountain. While the pond skim went down on the front side of the mountain near the village, there was barely anyone on the backside. The snow was the perfect condition of slushy, but not so much that it slowed you down if your skis hadn’t been waxed in a while.


We had a pretty big crew of about 18 homies skiing together at one point, hitting the park and ripping groomers until our legs got too sore to keep going and we had to take a break. The best part about where we stayed this year was that it was so close to the base of the mountain. We could stop to rest our legs, eat some lunch, take a nap, ~rehydrate~, or stop to pee whenever we wanted.

Meghan Conway probably took the biggest L of the weekend when she wore her pool pass as a lift ticket all day (apparently “ski” in French looks VERY similar to “pool”). We went all day without noticing until one of the lifties scanned her pass and she had to be escorted off the mountain to go get her real pass. Good times.

At the end of the day, I think the best equation I’ve come across is “skiing in April + your best friends + CANADA = best spring semester.”

UVM Ski & Snowboard Club