V-Day Shred at Bolton!

On Friday night, the more-than-dismal pouring rain in town left us feeling like the snow at Bolton wasn’t going to be great. But still, everyone loaded up the Love Buses, filled with pink and red candy decorations galore, and we made our way to Bolton.

Unfortunately, there was no aux cord in the bus to play the amazing 90s R&B playlist Lindsay crafted, so we resolved to playing “Hug, Kiss, or Hold Hands” and “Truth or Dare” like the good bus-riding elementary school children we are.

When we got to the mountain expecting sleet, we were instead greeted by some thick flakes--it was absolutely puking snow with no wind! Definitely the best night skiing I’ve ever had: instead of panicking every time I saw a shadow thinking it could be an icy mogul or some black ice, I had more confidence that I’d hit some soft new snow instead.

Obviously, the most romantic chair was the Snowflake double (it’s even painted red!) and was the least tracked, so you know that’s where Charlotte and I spent most of the evening (wink wink, sorry Brooks).

Who wore the sunglasses better, Calvin or Jim? I honestly got lost in both of their eyes…

Who wore the sunglasses better, Calvin or Jim? I honestly got lost in both of their eyes…

The most desirable bachelor of the night was, hands down, the one and only Jimmy McCarriston, who was making everyone SWOON with his pink sunglasses as he absolutely charged the mountain in the dark...don’t you agree? Just look at him! He’s a real-life heart eyes emoji.

The pizza from Fireside Flatbread was perfectly greasy and cheesy, and the company was stellar both on the mountain and in the lodge. All in all, such a great night skiing under the lights with the best of homies and some good snow.

Thanks to the huge crew who came out, and we’ll see you all out there for next year’s Valentine’s Shred!

By Greta Brown

UVM Ski & Snowboard Club