The UVM Ski & Snowboard Club (UVMSSC) is a non-competitive, non-profit, student run organization dedicated to bringing together UVM's winter sports community and making skiing and snowboarding more accessible to UVM students. We work to encourage the already popular winter sports culture at UVM by providing discount season passes, free shuttles to the mountains, on/off-campus skiing and snowboarding film premieres and other events, group trips around the world, cheap trips around the Northeast, discounts to local businesses, proforms direct from manufacturers, and include some pretty sweet t-shirts with membership.

UVMSSC is the largest collegiate ski and snowboard club in the U.S. Our mission is to provide the UVM skiers and snowboarders with the opportunity to foster and develop relationships with the greater ski and snowboard community of Northern VT. This includes individual club members, ski resorts, sport shops, and national sponsors. It is our purpose to provide a framework by which all of these establishments can meld and become incorporated into an epic community of winter sport enthusiasts.


Maria Kissel

El Presidente

Simply put, SSC would not keep its wheels churning without our Club Mom, Maria. She’s always taking care of us, with everything from steering us away from poor decisions to making sure that our club is the best on campus. Don’t let that sweet cherub smile fool you: the girl knows how to get sh*t done. Fun facts: Maria is fluent in Russian, rocks a mean blazer, and will absolutely kick your ass in Cross Fit.


Tucker Beatty

Treasurer // Cinematography

Tucker does all of our event reels, videos, and photos for events. He’s responsible for recording all of the shenanigans and shredding in all their glory that define SSC. Not only is he our film guy, he’s also taking over as treasurer this year. Tucker’s definitive ranking of things he loves is: his girlfriend Laura (hi Laura, we love you), his BMW wagon, his quiver, and an entire collection of vintage fancy cars he will probably never own. Tucker will whisper sweet, sweet nothings about cinematography and photography into your ear all night long if you let him: just ask Jimmy.


Austin O’Gorman

RESORT & Pass Sales Coordinator

Lovingly known as OG, Austin lives up to his name: always dressed to impress, working hard to make that cash money, and easily the tallest SSC officer. Last spring he adopted Chance, the goodest pup there ever was—so be sure to stop by the Clubhaus to meet our favorite four-legged member! He is the man in charge who ensures that we all of our rad discounted passes to Vermont’s resorts every year.


Fallon Clark

ASSISTANT RESORT & Pass Sales Coordinator

Fallon is helping Austin ensure that all of our contracts with Vermont resort mountains turn out just right. She is from New Jersey but grew up ski racing at Bromley, so basically she’s a half-blood Vermonter. If you ever see her walking around campus with a girl that looks identical to her, don’t bother asking the stupid “Omg are you guys twins?!” question, because yes, her twin sister also goes to UVM. Although she’s a skier and dancer, Fallon is taking mixed martial arts classes to prepare for football season when she, an avid Giants fan, will be frequently brawling with many of the officers who support the Pats.


Tom Chivers

Trips and Transportation

Tom is in charge of coordinating our trips and transportation for the year, and we’re stoked for what this next year holds for us with winter and spring break trips! Tom is the softspoken life of the party, and yes we know that’s an oxymoron. He is also a member of the UVM Club Alpine Team, so the kid knows how to go fast...if you know what we mean.


Lindsay Sampson

Graphic Designer

Lindsay is the queen of design for all things SSC, including our awesome membership t-shirts and sweatshirts. She is known for her frequent references to The Grinch, her coined term “shoosh yeah baby!” and her impeccable ability to get low on the dance floor at all times, often with Kyle. Rumor has it that Lindsay’s toes are just as nimble and functional as her fingers when it comes to operating motor vehicles and editing photos.


Kyle King

Snowboard Sponsorship Manager

The one and only Kyle King coordinates our snowboard sponsorships and is super good at talking to adults without embarrassing himself: one of the many reasons he’s so good at what he does. He is the kid who made checkered van slip-ons, beards and long, silky hair cool again. If he’s not skating at Burton or riding at Bush, he’s probably really hungry and munching down on a bag of Cape Cod Sweet & Spicy Jalapeño chips (or trying to eat yours).


Will Weiss

clubhaus manager

Will is filling some big shoes as the Clubhaus Manager, ensuring that all things are in order for y’all to come in, sit back and relax on campus’s comfiest couch, tune your skis, get some swag, and just hang with us! Will hails from New Jersey (we won’t specify where because we don’t discriminate between North and South Jersey), and he may very well have been the only kid in the state wearing Ski the East gear on the reg. While his taste in TV shows may be questionable, he at least has his priorities straight: tacos for breakfast, some early turns, tacos for lunch, more turns, and more tacos.


Calvin McClellan

Ski Sponsorship Manager

Calvin is responsible for all of our amazing ski sponsorships. The kid is quiet as a mouse but will catch you off-guard with the drop of a hat (or, in his case, his clothes, while dancing to the sweet sweet melody of “Free Tibet”). When he’s not ripping in the backcountry or hucking every kicker he can find, Calvin is fly fishing or making friends with random wildlife he meets in the mountains. We also think he might be a closeted country boy after a summer living in Wyoming. Odds are looking pretty high that he returns in the fall sporting a pair of cowboy boots...and we can’t say we’re too upset about it.


Greta Brown

Director of Communications

Hailing from the great southwest state of New Mexico and growing up skiing Taos Ski Valley, Greta is in charge of spamming you all with emails and updating the SSC blog. G is always down for an adventure and is probably finding her way up some mountain if she’s not ripping down it. She is known for her plethora of dad jokes, puns, love for all things spicy, and terrible depth perception.


Jimmy McCarriston

Director of Social Media

Jimmy is responsible for bringing the stoke of SSC to all of our social media platforms. If there’s one thing Jimmy loves more than skiing, it’s working a 9-5 job. He has a strict diet of pizzuh and ice cream that rivals a four year-old’s cuisine, and the kid rocks a pair of trendy glasses better than any wannabe hipster. You can often find him in Kalkin Hall crunching numbers or on mountain with a big ol’ camera in hand. Catch him on campus or out on the weekends and he will charm you with his unexpected wit and borderline inappropriate jokes.


Cian Duffy


Oooooh baby, the Feisty Mamacita herself. You may know her for mispronouncing names and trying to rope you into shoveling for the rail jam, but Cian puts her heart and soul into each one of SSC’s rad events. When it comes to recognizing our great northern neighbor, Cian would like to remind everyone that Canada is not just place - it’s a g dang state of MIND. Although she will give a load of grief to anything and everything with a heartbeat, you can sweep her off her feet with a Moe’s burrito.


Brianna Hillier

Assistant events coordinator

Bri is coming on this year as our Assistant Events Coordinator, working with Cian to bring the best events possible to our members. Bri takes being a member of the Badass Babes Club to the next level: she skis with Chicks on Sticks in the winter: she wakes up before sunrise, skins up Bolton, and skis down before classes start, all just to raise awareness for women’s reproductive rights. From Stockbridge, Vermont (that’s okay, we don’t know where that is, either), she grew up skiing with her patroller parents and was probably being hauled down the hill in a pack before she could even walk. If you’re ever in a charitable mood, feel free to donate a Tile key finder (those things that you attach to your keychain) to our dear Bri, because the girl loses her important belongings like it’s her damn job.