WINTERFEST Rail Jam // Huck Fest

Without a doubt this rail jam was the raddest we've hosted in a while, Stowe Parks came through with a sweet setup & everything from the ice sculpture to the tunes (you guessed it - DJ NoRequest) was absolutely dialed. 

A huge shout out to UPB for helping us host, all of our sponsors and of course the UVM skiers & riders who never cease to remind us why we spend the whole week shoveling in the first place. 

We can't wait for the next one - pray for snow!

Skiing & Riding Safety

In light of the recent tragedy involving a UVM student, and with the continued risks of deep snowpacks, the UVM Director of Outdoor Programs would like to extend the following message to all students in the winter sports community:

"Given the amount of recent snowfall, the current conditions and deep snowpack (especially in steep terrain) require a heightened awareness when skiing & riding. Whether you are skiing/riding inbounds at local ski areas or in the backcountry, objective hazards exist, including avalanche conditions and tree wells. Please read more here:

Suggestions to keep the fun & safety factor high in the coming days:

  1. Ski/ride in groups of at least three whenever possible. In case of a tree well, immersion or slide, you will most likely have necessary human resources for assistance. In case someone in your party is involved in an incident beyond your ability to help, one person can stay with injured party and another can be available to go get help.
  2. Don’t take unnecessary risks. Skiing and riding in deep powder snow is what we live for as snow sports enthusiasts. Save skiing in steeper, high-risk terrain for a time when snowpack is more settled. Take an avalanche education course if skiing in these areas is a goal for you.
  3. Always let friends know where you are going if exiting the boundaries of a ski area or are planning trip into the backcountry. Share details such as your destination and planned time of return. Call them when you exit the woods to let them know you are safe. If you don't know the area or what to do in case of an emergency, don't go. 
  4. Always bring a phone, map, emergency contact info, and the proper gear. If in VT and emergency occurs, call 911.  You should also have food, water and extra insulating layers should there be an injury, someone gets lost, or if you end up needing to stay with them for an extended period of time. 

Remember: Good decision making on your part avoids having to put others in potential danger in coming to your rescue. As responsible UVM student skiers/riders it is always important to think of the downstream effect of our actions.

As is the case when any member of our community passes away, we are bound to feel a profound sense of loss, and reactions are felt in a variety of ways. If you or someone you know is in need of additional support please do not hesitate to contact UVM’s Counseling and Psychiatry Services at (802) 656-3340 or reach out to us here. 

DAWN of the SHRED VII: ParaGNARmal Activity

On October 28th UVMSSC kicked off Halloweekend with our legendary rail jam, Dawn of the Shred VII: ParaGNARmal Activity.

Countless hours hauling snow, shoveling, setting up, and it was finally time to watch UVM’s gnarliest skiers & riders throw down on a course perfected by Sugarbush Parks as DJ NoReqwest bumped the hottest beats and the occasional airhorn.

At the end of the night, there was no tombstone left unturned nor a pumpkin left unsmashed and copious amounts of preseason stoke hung heavy in the October air.

Congrats to our 1st place skiers & riders: Zach Masi, Maggie Leon, Rob Haggerty, & Honorine Klinkner!

As always, we could not put on this event without the help of Sugarbush Parks, who bring their A-game every year and our rad sponsors; Alpine Shop, Ski The East, Burton, Ben & Jerrys, Orage, Powe Snowboards and Forsake.

Many thanks to our skiers & riders for coming out, throwing down their best tricks + treats, our street team who volunteer to shovel, film, and help out wherever needed. And of course, our members who came out to support and enjoy night with us!

Click through for more - photos by Brooks Curran

What We're About

Founded in 2003, the Ski & Snowboard Club has been bringing individuals from all across UVM together to enjoy skiing & riding for over a decade. UVMSSC is the second largest collegiate ski and snowboard club in the U.S., and the largest club here on campus. Our mission is to provide the UVM skiers and snowboarders with the opportunity to foster relationships with the greater ski and snowboard community of Northern VT and beyond.

A crew of 13 students serve in officer positions to bring members discounted season passes, transportation to and from the mountain, rail jams, film premieres, unreal trips (even international) and more, all for the low price of $20 – along with a sweet member tshirt.

Walking around campus at UVM, one doesn’t have to look far to see evidence of the thriving outdoor culture that is alive here. Enjoying the outdoors is at the core of many students experience, and simply glancing out towards the green mountains makes it easy to see why. It is our passion to bring people together to enjoy the snow, regardless of background, age, skill level, and preferred shredding tool. It is our purpose to provide a framework by which all of these establishments can mesh together to incorporate an epic community of winter sport enthusiasts.